At FAMS we charge nothing to those in need of our assistance. Volunteers give freely of their time and skills. We wish to prevent other families from going through the experiences that we have had to suffer. These volunteers need your support to continue to make this service available for free.  We do not wish any of our volunteers to be out of pocket while they carry out such important work and so everyday expenses such as telephone bills, travelling expenses etc must be paid. If you wish to assist us but are unable to volunteer then please consider a donation that will greatly assist our charity to save lives and tackle the stigma of mental illness.


One thought on “Donations

  1. Andy Rundell July 1, 2019 at 10:24 am

    Hi.. Have a wee Donation here that I’ll get to you asap. Its the result of a Charity 5 a side Football Tournament we played yesterday at Eastfield Leisure Centre in Rutherglen. It involved our Seniors Mens Teams and our Womens Teams. If you let me know how you would prefer it to be made, I’ll arrange it straight away.
    Keep up your Fantastic work.. God Bless.
    Regards, Andy Rundell.

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