Sometimes I would wake wondering what was the point to my day
Every day was the same, it seemed I was fading away
So dull and so dark would this feeling ever end
Well that’s what I thought till I met my best friend
The long nights talking, how she made me smile
She brightened up my days giving me reason to get up
and go out for a while
Amongst people “LIKE ME” how I label it so
But to look at me, the pain I feel you would never know
I hide it well cause what difference would it make
I just kept quiet for everyone’s sake!!!
But with good friends, family and just the chance to talk
I have took the courage to do this walk
I do it not only for me but to all who feel this pain
And send this message “NEVER GIVE UP” as there is always
a reason to SMILE AGAIN!!!

Holly R (Aged 14)