FAMS Lighthouse

Paul Gerard’s Lighthouse

For over five years FAMS have worked remotely, additionally we have no paid members of staff , therefore keeping our costs low. We have been able to self-fund at to this point.
However, as FAMS has grown organically, with the demand for our services constantly raising, this model of working is no longer appropriate. Therefore at the AGM, January 2019, FAMS Committee and stakeholders voted to invest in an office base for the project to enable it to grow and develop
August 2019 we Office opened our main Motherwell premises, which are named Paul Gerald’s Lighthouse, in memory of Paul Gerald McGilvray. Since setting our Motherwell premises, April 2020 demand for services has more than doubled FAMS currently have 132 live referrals. We touch Minimum 1,000 per annum between four annual events, youth groups, training and services.

The design below was the winning design of several designs submitted by FAMS Young Volunteer. The joint winners was sisters’ Lynsey and Billie Davis.

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