Aims & Objectives

The aims and purpose of #LWAS – Let’s Walk and Talk About Suicide is to raise the awareness; to as many people as possible; the scale and impact of failed and completed suicides on Families, Friends and Communities.

Additionally to raise awareness of the potential triggers for suicidal behaviour; to showcase and signpost the support available – providing information and choices for all.

  • Everyone involved in #LWAS at any level will be able to identify networks and areas of support; for their individual needs
  • Knowledge and information on possible suicidal triggers, including mental ill health, will be freely available from specialist agencies.
  • To demonstrate that suffers are not alone, offering understanding and hope.
  • To bring about change in the general public perceptions of completed and attempted suicides, removing the stigma for ever.
  • To STOP our generation, from attempting or completing suicide.
  • To raise awareness of the number of young people taking their own lives, feeling suicide the only option left.


Lanarkshire have the third highest rate of suicides from the 14th Health Board Areas in Scotland. Chose Life report that 250,00 people in Scotland have suicidal thoughts each day. The ripple effect and “special scar” on families, friends, communities are highlighted in recent reports produced by; Samaritans, Scottish Government, Choose Life, regarding suicides of young adults including ChildLine’sTop Ten Reasons Why Young Adults Contact Them

The WHO (World Health Organisation) 2012 report, Suicide -A Global Imperative, refers to suicide as “a global epidemic“.


There are no registration fees. The walk is intended to be open and “free” to everyone, no sponsorship fees or fundraising is required to participate. The event is not about raising money; its purpose is to raise awareness of the impact of suicide on our communities; signpost sources of support and reduction of stigma.

FAMS plan to keep the momentum of awareness raising going, by organising a #LWAS event every year at Strathclyde Park, during Suicide Prevention Week. People will be invited to walk round the park, or parts of the park, depending on their fitness level. Additionally, Strathclyde Park caters for all age groups, people with disabilities and dogs, so everyone welcome.

Working in close partnership with VANL (Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire) & VASLAN (Voluntary Action South Lanarkshire), invitations to take part in this historic event, will be sent out to all charities and organisations, with a shared interest in the Early Intervention and Prevention of Suicides.

Other Charities and schools will be invited to walk in the colours that represent their specific organisation, ensuring immediate recognition of all Charities involved.

FAMS volunteers and Committee have the experience, capacity and flexibility to meet and exceed expectations. We also have support from a well-known Events Management Company, STV, and national and local newspapers.