Why We Do It….

A Special Scar

The death of a loved one can cause great pain and sadness whatever the cause of death.

However when a loved one has died through murder or suicide, it’s a devastating double tragedy.  Not only will they have the shock of the unexpected death, they also have the trauma of the manner of the death, sometimes through violent circumstances.  The bereaved often struggle with a complex range of additional pressures, and emotions including; deep shock, guilt, self-blame, trauma and anger.

Loss of Hope

YOU may feel isolated, vulnerable and alone in your distress.

YOU may find yourself under scrutiny from the police, public and media, all asking too many unanswerable questions.

YOU may feel life will never be the same, you may lose all hope of feeling “normal” ever again.

YOU may have suicidal thoughts … ………

We listen, understand & care

YOU are not alone in your grief and confusion. FAMS volunteers and Befrienders will support you rebuild a ‘new normal life.