Who We Are

An Introduction to FAMS

FAMS is a volunteer led charity that provides support and peer support, to anyone affected by murder, suicide, suicidal thoughts or behavior.

All our services are free of any charge and can be easily accessed via, telephone, face-to-face, group support or by email.

What is Peer Support?

Peer Support differs from other types of social support.  It is the reaching out of one person to another, support from someone who has shared relevant experiences and can relate to others in a similar situation on an equal level.

Peer Support is provided by our team of FAMS Befrienders, who offer their experience, knowledge, emotional and practice support

We know that every individual experiences or reacts to grief in their own personal way; each loss is unique. Befrienders are themselves survivors, they are bereaved parents, siblings, partners, family members and friends.

“Grief never ends but it changes,
It’s a passage not a place to stay.
Grief is not a sign of weakness, madness or lack of faith; it’s the price we pay for love”.

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The Story of FAMS – Created From Tragedy; Creating Hope

FAMS gained Scottish Charity status, October 2014, however the charity has been active since 2013. The charity was founded by three mothers, driven with the same desire, passion and purpose; to ensure that no other person or family would suffer the trauma they had experienced in their lives.

Roslyn McGilvray

Roslyn co founder of FAMS

Roslyn’s 20 year old son Paul Gerard McGilvray (PG) young life was taken when he was attacked and murdered, in an unprovoked attack by four complete strangers. 8th August 2004

Meg McCloy

Meg Co founder of FAMS

Meg’s 17 year old son Steven McCloy took his own life, a victim of bullying.

Ann Marie Cocozza

Ann Marie co founder of FAMS

Ann Marie is a survivor of prolonged and prolific child abuse. She suffered undiagnosed and untreated Complex PTSD as a child/young adult and adult, subsequently attempting suicide three times, the first time at nine years old.