What We Do…

FAMS believe that murder and suicide are family affairs, therefore we take a holistic and family approach whilst providing support. Our support is available to all family member and friends, irrespective of age. To date our youngest referral was 11 years, our oldest 85 years.

FAMS provide compassionate, nonjudgmental, unique, free and confidential “Lived Experience Peer-Support” Training, and Events. Our wide range of services to are offered to young people, their families and peers; who have been affected by murder, suicide, suicidal thoughts/feelings. Our “Lived Experience Peer-Support” services can be accessed; by a home visit, one-to-one or group support, telephone, email or Skype. Additionally FAMS offer a range of suicide prevention and awareness training, free of any charge.

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FAMS deliver mental health & wellbeing training programmes for volunteers and referrals, including a range of certified suicide prevention training in schools, workplaces and communities. We also have a drop FAMS Drop In Café, every Friday.

FAMS work in partnership with several local specialist agencies including; Victim Support Scotland, The Moira Fund, Motherwell FC, VANL, VASLAN, See Me, MAF, Breathing Space, Lanarkshire Links, Hamilton Accies FC, Blameless, Police Scotland, Suicide Prevention North

& South Lanarkshire and GP links. Our referrals come from various sources inc. GP’s, CPN’s Schools, Police Scotland etc. however the majority of our referrals are self-referrals

Support Services

  • FAMS operates a grass roots Befriending Service.

Telephone and Email support providing free and confidential support and advice.

Befrienders will have experienced the loss of a loved one through murder and suicide. Alternatively they will have themselves attempted suicide or had suicidal thoughts

Raising Awareness

  • FAMS is committed to raising awareness, of the devastating impact of murder and suicide within families, friends and communities.
  • FAMS will continue work in partnership with similar charities and agencies, to raise the profile and availability of Suicide Early Intervention and Prevention programs.
  • FAMS will continue to campaign for a change in social attitude towards the victims of murder and suicide.

“When my son died, I felt like a grenade had exploded in my head.  The pain and confusion was so unbearable that I felt I would never recover.  I didn’t want to live”. A Survivor.