Our goal is to recruit and train 100 volunteer Befrienders in 2015. The only essential requirement to join our team is that you have been affected by suicide or murder, as we believe there is no support like peer support. We currently have 15 trained Befrienders but we need more to reach our goal. If you are interested in volunteer training as a Befriender, taking calls on our helpline, fundraising or awareness raising, please get in touch. We are also looking for sponsors, fundraisers, donations for raffle prizes.

All Trustees and volunteers have personally been affected by murder or suicide.


Ann Marie Cocozza, Kevin Queen, Meg McLoy, Roslyn McGilvray


Kevin Queen


Meg McCloy


Charles Mullin (HMRC)

Volunteers & Befrienders

Tiffany McLoy, Meg McCloy, Therese Queen, Deborah Welsh, Catherine Cocozza, Emma Mitchell, Marion Murray, Julia Grant, Johnny Cocozza, Roslyn McGilvray, Jackie McGilvray, Kevin Queen, Charles Mullen, Christine Hamilton Wylie, Silvanna Cunningham