Our mission is two fold:

  1. To raise awareness of the numbers of deaths by suicide; to campaign and influence early intervention and prevention
  2. To operate a National grassroots Befriender Service, offering support to anyone affected by suicide or murder.

Initially FAMS volunteers will operate a dedicated telephone help line as a first point of contact for anyone affected by murder or suicide. We also aim to provide group support and one-to-one Befriender support in the near future.

FAMS believe that bereavement from murder or suicide is a different type of grief. Known as Traumatic Grief, where others with the best intentions remain outsiders peering in, not knowing what to do or say to bring comfort. We acknowledge that bereavement is everlasting and understand that some believe that our loved ones are kept alive within our grief, therefore grief is necessary and has a purpose

From the benefit of 10 years experience, it is our belief that only by talking in groups or in one-to-one conversations with survivors of this terrible grief, does discussion seem to bring some heartfelt relief and understanding. We find the most comfort in others whose experiences match our own. In extreme situations, only experience knows experience.