What We Do….

Support Services

FFAMS operates a grass roots Befriending Service.

Telephone and Email support providing free and confidential support and advice.

Befrienders will have experienced the loss of a loved one through murder and suicide. Alternatively they will have themselves attempted suicide or had suicidal thoughts

Raising Awareness

FFAMS is committed to raising awareness, of the devastating impact of murder and suicide within families, friends and communities.

FFAMS will continue work in partnership with similar charities and agencies, to raise the profile and availability of Suicide Early Intervention and Prevention programs.

FFAMS will continue to campaign for a change in social attitude towards the victims of murder and suicide.

“When my son died, I felt like a grenade had exploded in my head.  The pain and confusion was so unbearable that I felt I would never recover.  I didn’t want to live”. A Survivor.